3. Deploy Discourse with Disraptor

2. Setup a Discourse development environment (Ubuntu)
4. Setup Disraptor

(based on discourse/discourse: INSTALL-cloud.md and discourse/discourse_docker: README.md.)

This document describes how to deploy Discourse with Disraptor. You will need root access to a docker-compatible 64-bit Linux server. You will also need a mail server and a domain name.


  1. Get the following things ready:

    • The host name for your web application (e.g. tira.io). Discourse requires a domain name for deployment. An IP address is not sufficient.
    • An email address for the admin account (e.g. info@tira.io).
    • The SMPT server address (e.g. smtp.tira.io) of your mail server plus port (587), user name (e.g. admin), and password.
  2. Connect to the server via SSH.
  3. Install the following software on the server:

    • Ruby 2.7+
    • Postgres 14+
    • Redis 7.0+

      sudo apt install redis-server ruby postgresql

      Note: This might work with older versions aswell. If you cannot get a hand on these easily try to make it work with what you have first.

    • Docker and git:

      sudo apt install docker.io git

Install Discourse with Disraptor via Docker

  1. Clone the Discourse Docker repository into /var/discourse:

    sudo -s
    mkdir /var/discourse
    git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse_docker.git /var/discourse
  2. Run and follow the instructions of the Discourse setup script:

    cd /var/discourse

    This produces an app.yml file and starts a bootstrap process.

  3. Open the previously generated app.yml file:

    sudo vim containers/app.yml

    In the section containing the hooks key, add a command to clone the Disraptor repository as shown below:

        - exec:
          cd: $home/plugins
            - git clone https://github.com/discourse/docker_manager.git
            - git clone https://github.com/disraptor/disraptor.git
  4. Restart the bootstrap process:

    ./launcher rebuild app